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Executive Service Corps' Library of Training, Tools, & Resources for Nonprofit Stakeholders:

The General Nonprofit Professional Education Collection

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Executive Service Corps' free General Nonprofit Training & Tools:​​

Executive Service Corps' free General Nonprofit Articles:

  1. 10 Ways to Measure Impact (that are not Overhead) (Published Oct 2021)

  2. Is Your View of Overhead Unchairable? (Published Aug 2021)

  3. June is Pride Month: Celebration and Reading List (Published June 2021)

  4. Celebrate Juneteenth: Observation and Reading List (Published June 2020, Updated June 2021)

  5. Should Your Nonprofit Organization Stop Telecommuting? (Published 2021)

  6. 10 Ways to Celebrate African American History Month (Published 2021)

  7. Inclusive Nonprofit Budgets: A Guide by the Executive Service Corps (ESC) (Published November 2020)

  8. Free Ways Nonprofit Stakeholders can Protect their Privacy (September 2020)

  9. Theatre During COVID-19: Live Theatre during the Pandemic Adapts, Continues (September 2020)

  10. Nonprofit Legal Issues (Published July 2020)

  11. June is Pride Month: Celebration and Reading List (Published June 2020)

  12. Calendar of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Holidays: Let's Celebrate! (Published June 2020)

  13. Read: Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Book Recommendations​ (Published June 2020)

  14. How to Maximize Office Space: Even in a Home Office (Published May 2020)

  15. Getting Your Second Wind: Even when Working from Home (Published May 2020)

  16. How to Teach Children about Charity: Philanthropy begins at Birth (Published May 2020)

  17. How to Make Your Video Conference Calls More Secure: 15 Fast + Free Ways (Published Apr 2020)

  18. Guide to Free Offers to Help You Stay In: COVID-19 Quarantine Deals (Published Apr 2020)

  19. How to Manage Remote Volunteers (Published Apr 2020)

  20. 10 Free Video Conferencing Solutions (Published Apr 2020)​​

  21. ESC’s Guide to How to Conduct an Online Event (Published Apr 2020)

  22. How to Have an Ergonomic Home Office: The Basics you can do for Free (Published Apr 2020)

  23. 7 Steps to Conducting Virtual Office Hours (Published Apr 2020)

  24. Nonprofit Mergers: Tips, Presentation, + Tools (Published Apr 2020)

  25. ESC's Video Conference Best Practices (Published Mar 2020)

  26. Tips for Nonprofits Providing Remote Services (Published Mar 2020)

  27. ESC's Sound for Working at Home: Podcasts (Published Mar 2020)

  28. How to Successfully Telecommute when Working from Home (Published Mar 2020)

  29. Offline Breaks when Telecommuting from Home (Published Mar 2020)
  30. How to work at Home with Kids at Home (Published Mar 2020)
  31. ESC's Guide to Listening (Published Mar 2020)

  32. Skills that Make You a Better, Happier Person & Employee: Learn Anywhere for Free (Published Mar 2020)

  33. 15 Ways to Create “Belonging” at your Nonprofit by ESC (Published Dec 2019)

  34. More Than the Weather: Things to Talk About Besides Politics (Published Oct 2019)

  35. Comprehension Masters (Published Oct 2019)

  36. Credit Unions: The Unsung Heroes of the Nonprofit Industry (Published Sept 2019)

  37. Leading a Nonprofit’s Staff Professional Education | Rachelle Jervis, President & CEO, Executive Service Corps interviews Colleen Harvey, Executive Director of Playworks Illinois (Filmed Aug 2019)

  38. Assertiveness for Nonprofit Professionals (Published August 2019)

  39. Critical 'Praise to Criticism' Ratio in Strength-Based Leadership (Published August 2019)

  40. The Future of Philanthropy in Chicago | Panelists: Rich Lalley, Development Director, Project Warm | Irene Frey, President, Retirement Research Foundation | Audrey Thomas, CEO, Deborah's Place | Karen Matts, Global Development Manager, MDRT | Brenda Swartz, President & CEO, Concordia Place | Kathy Busey Kielar, Vice President Development, Window to the World Communications, Inc. (WTTW/WFMT) | Vicki C. Clarke, Ph.D., Philanthropic Advisor and former Vice President of Philanthropy and Development for Heifer International (Filmed Nov 2018)

  41. Major Changes in Board Stability Panel Discussion | Panelists: Dave May, Board President, Center for Tax and Budget Accountability | Don Schwartz, Served on internal boards at Chase Bank, Director of the Center for Risk Management and Corporate Governance, and author of Corporate Boards: Managers of Risk Sources of Risk | Gayla Brockman, President and CEO, Michael Reese Health Trust | Mike Thompson, Board service includes Northwest Suburban United Way, United Way of Metropolitan Chicago, and Jobs for Youth Chicago | Natasha Egan, Executive Director, Museum of Contemporary Photography | Richard Basofin, Board Chairperson, Family Service of Lake County and serves on the boards of Highland Park Public Library, Family Service of Lake County, the Mitchell Museum of the American Indian, the Civic Leadership Foundation, and Turning Point Behavioral Health Care Center (Filmed Aug 2018)

  42. Rebuilding Great Boards for Great Missions Panel Discussion By Dr. Pier Rogers, Director of Axelson Center for Nonprofits, North Park University (Filmed Aug 2018)

  43. Conflict Resolution Presentation by Dr. Thom Parrott-Scheffer, ESC Consultant and has had leadership positions with PFLAG, Campaign for Better Healthcare Illinois, Academy for the Common Good, and a variety of church organizations (Filmed Aug 2018)

  44. Redefining the Business of Social Service Presentation by Dorri McWhorter, CEO, YWCA Chicago (Filmed Nov 2018)

  45. ESC Nonprofit Newsletter

  46. The ESC Happiness Challenge (Published 2018)

  47. Volunteer Benchmark Assessment (Published 2018)

  48. Volunteer Templates (Published 2018)

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