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Executive Service Corps' Library of Training, Tools, & Resources for Nonprofit Stakeholders:

The Fundraising Collection

This extensive collection is made available to the public for free thanks to the support of donors like you.

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Executive Service Corps' Fundraising Training & Tools:

  1. "Individual Donor Retention: Donor Retention Through Community Building" (On-demand, filmed 2019)

  2. "Individual Giving Panel Discussion" (On-Demand)

  3. "Future of Philanthropy Panel Discussion" (On-Demand, filmed 2019)
  4. "Major Changes in Board Stability Panel Discussion" (On-demand, filmed 2019)

Executive Service Corps' free Fundraising Articles:

  1. 10 Ways to Measure Impact (that are not Overhead) (Published Oct 2021)

  2. Is Your View of Overhead Uncharitable (Published Aug 2021)

  3. Inclusive Nonprofit Budgets: A Guide by the Executive Service Corps (ESC) (Published Nov 2020)

  4. ESC Time Study Template (Published 2020) Includes data sheets and calculator

  5. How to Teach Children about Charity: Philanthropy begins at Birth (Published May 2020)

  6. How to Make Your Video Conference Calls More Secure: 15 Fast + Free Ways (Published Apr 2020)

    1. En Español: Cómo Hacer que sus Llamadas de Videoconferencia Sean Más Seguras: 15 Formas Rápidas y Gratuitas

  7. ESC’s Guide to How to Conduct an Online Event (Published Apr 2020)

  8. 10 Free Video Conferencing Solutions (Published Apr 2020)

  9. Board Member Give/Get Report (Published 2019)
  10. ESC's Guide to Listening (Published Mar 2020)

  11. "Giving Trends Shows Overall Slow Growth with Some Cautionary Notes" (Article Published July 2019)


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