Executive Service Corps Client Feedback Form

The Client Engagement Evaluation is an important tool for measuring your satisfaction with the ESC services provided and for determining how your organization will benefit from the engagement results in the longer term. The Evaluation is an opportunity for you to share your thoughts on the engagement and for ESC to extrapolate the learning. The form will ask you to evaluate the overall success of your engagement and your experience with your ESC Team.

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Optional Engagement Specifics

Optional: Rate your organization's ability to achieve your mission.
Optional: Rate the alignment of the board, leadership team, staff and volunteers around the mission, vision and strategy
Optional: Rate your strategy's quality, clarity and impact.
Optional: ESC listened to us and accurately assessed our needs.
Optional: ESC effectively collaborated with us to develop a plan of action.
Optional: ESC clearly communicated with us at each stage of the process.
Optional: ESC delivered on what they promised, on time.
Optional: ESC was action-oriented and had a sense of urgency.
Optional: ESC was knowledgeable of the ‘best practices’ relevant to my sector.
Optional: ESC provided resources and skills that helped us reach our goals.

ESC Team Member Feedback

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