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ESC Volunteer Development and Management

Executive Service Corps'

Volunteer Development & Management Consulting Services

The Executive Service Corps can be your partner in recruiting, developing, evaluating, and managing your volunteers. An effective volunteer recruitment and management program is essential to nonprofit success.


The Executive Service Corps’ Volunteer Management Practice can benefit your nonprofit organization by ensuring that your volunteers:

  • Connect your organization to the community and its stakeholders.

  • Fulfill niche and ongoing needs to increase impact.

  • Increase donations to your organization.

  • Make your organization a more pleasant, empathetic place to be.

  • Provide professional networking opportunities and social relationships.

  • Save your organization money.

  • Serve as ambassadors to your cause.

  • Share unique skills and talents.


Organizations that rely on volunteers for service delivery, program development, office support, communication, fundraising, and more increasingly realize the critical importance of the care and stewardship of their volunteers. As a volunteer-fueled organization, the Executive Service Corps understands the challenges and strategies to succeed with volunteers.

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