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James Brandt

Published December 2020


For more than 25 years Jim Brandt has given generously of his time and expertise to ESC.  Jim is now completing his Legacy Commitment to ESC.

After a long and successful career leading large and small manufacturing companies, Jim joined ESC and has served as a Consultant, Engagement Manager, Board Member, and a Life Member of the Board. Many of us know Jim first-hand as a leader, teacher, mentor, and, most importantly, as a friend.

Wendy Kritt, ESC’s Board Chairperson stated: “I first met Jim when I joined the ESC Board of Directors 9 years ago and had the honor of serving with him for several years.  Jim was and continues to be a role model and inspiration to me and many other ESC Board Members and Consultants.  He has made a huge impact on ESC as an organization and the non-profits we serve.”

During his tenure with ESC Jim has donated more than 10,000 hours of his time to the organization. He has probably led more engagements than any other ESC volunteer in the history of the organization.  Some of Jim’s ESC clients include Jewish Vocational Services, Seabury Western Theological Seminary, El Valor, Community Counseling Centers of Chicago, Latino Policy Forum, Hebrew Theological College, and Memorial Park District.

Dan Weil, Chair of ESC’s Fund Development Committee remarked “Jim has been a steadfast leader for as long as he has been an ESC volunteer. His enthusiasm and mentorship are second to none. We are grateful for the numerous contributions Jim has made to ESC.” 

ESC’s President and CEO Rachelle Jervis Chopra added “Joining the Legacy Corps is making a commitment to the long-term sustainability of ESC and through ESC the nonprofit community. We are fortunate to have the generous support of leaders like Jim Brandt whose lasting commitment to our mission inspires all of us."

The ESC Legacy Corps consists of individuals and families whose planned/estate gift of $25,000 or more demonstrates their passion for charitable giving to a diversity of nonprofits and the vital services they provide. Their contributions ensure ongoing ESC services will meet the critical and emerging needs of Chicago metropolitan’s nonprofit sector for generations to come. 

Joining the ESC Legacy Corps is simple. There are two simple steps to join:
     Step 1. 
          Please notify ESC’s CEO Rachelle Jervis Chopra of the wonderful news so that we can add your name to the illustrious list of Legacy Members we share with the public (
Sharing your commitment inspires others to give. Generosity and kindness are contagious.
     Step 2.
          Make a Legacy Corps gift to ESC of $20,000 or more now.
          Alternatively, add language specifying your legacy commitment to ESC to your bequest and/or will of $25,000 or more.


Your gift can be a donation that is a percentage of your estate, a specific dollar donation, a specific asset such as a building, or a percentage of a remainder left over after other gifts called a “residuary gift.” You decide how you would like to support ESC's important community-building work.

An example of bequest language is, "I give, devise, and bequeath to the Executive Service Corps of Chicago (ESC), a not-for-profit corporation (Tax ID 36-2984270) located in Illinois, (e.g., dollar amount, percentage, a specific asset, or residue)."

If you have an advisor, alert them in writing to your wishes and provide them with ESC's contact information. We recommend alerting them by email and copying Rachelle for ease and consistency in communication. ESC's contact information is: Executive Service Corps of Chicago (ESC) (Tax ID 36-2984270), 207 E. Ohio St, # 212, Chicago, IL 60611.

Thank you Michael and Donna Thompson!

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