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Good governance relies upon focused, informed Strategic Planning. It is the first and most critical tool for keeping your organization on task and on track toward your mission while adapting to changing circumstances, environments and opportunities – generally completed every three years in today’s economic and political climate.

ESC specializes in strategic planning with a customized approach to meet your specific needs. ESC consulting teams assist the client in data-gathering and analysis, identification and prioritization of tasks, establishing agreed action steps targeted to desired, achievable, measurable outcomes.

For over a decade ESC's Strategic Planning service has been our most popular and top-rated service. We are proud of the exceptional work of our premier consulting service led by exceptional consultants. Executive Service Corps is the nation's Premier Nonprofit Consultancy. Your mission is our mission.

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Our Proven Strategic Planning Process

For over 40 years, ESC has facilitated strategic plans for hundreds of nonprofits. During that time, we have crafted a six-step process that provides you with the tools to identify and implement key strategies that will position your nonprofit for success. 

  • Get Ready: Even before contracting with ESC, our consultants research your nonprofit through public information. We follow up by meeting with your key leaders, to identify your readiness for strategic planning. We reach agreement on your board’s goals and expected outcomes for this critical project.

  • Assess the Situation: Our consultants perform an extensive review of organizational documents, interview board members, critical stakeholders, and, when appropriate, survey members and/or clients.  We then compare the data with industry benchmarks, and provide feedback using our Eight Essential Elements of Nonprofit Effectiveness SM. Our assessment covers Leadership, Governance, Programs and Services, Support Operations, Financial Management, Fund Development, Communications and Marketing, and the External Environment.

  • Create Mission/Vision/Values: We facilitate the development or revision of your organization’s strategic purpose and direction.

  • Define Strategic Issues: Our consultants facilitate identification of the key strategic issues facing your organization by identifying gaps and challenges that must be addressed to fulfill your nonprofit’s mission. 

  • Develop Goals and Actions: At a one-day retreat, Board members and other invited stakeholders are introduced to the Mission/Vision/Values and strategic issues facing your organization. Our consultants then facilitate work groups to develop goals and action plans to address the strategic issues in the next one to three year time period. 

  • Implement: At the conclusion of the planning process, we present a collaborative, comprehensive strategic plan for acceptance and implementation by your board and staff. At least one of our consultants will continue to monitor and mentor your leaders following acceptance, providing guidance during the implementation process. 

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