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Michael and Donna Thompson Join ESC's Legacy Corps

Published May 2020


The ESC has some incredible news!  Through their generous support, Mike and Donna Thompson have made a $100,000 Legacy Corps gift in their estate plans to the Executive Service Corps!  This major gift reflects Mike and Donna’s long-lasting commitment to the ESC.  
Wendy Kritt, ESC 2020 Board Chair, notes, “Mike Thompson has been a strong ESC supporter for over 15 years.  He knows better than anyone the positive impact that ESC has on our community.  Mike and Donna’s extremely generous contribution to the Legacy Corps is so valued and appreciated by the ESC Board and the non-profits we serve.  The Legacy Corps is critically important to ensure ESC continues to thrive now and in the future and ESC is so appreciative of every Legacy Corps member.”
Daniel Weil, ESC Fund Development Committee Chair, adds, "Individual donors are vital to ESC's sustainability and success. Michael and Donna's gift not only enables ESC to continue to provide support to our essential non-profit community, but it will help ensure our future as well. The Thompson's gift is so greatly appreciated."
A notable advocate, Ellard “Butch” Pfaelzer, Jr., Life Director & Legacy Corps Member, highlights the value of the Legacy Corps when he invites new members, "Legacy Corps contribution provides financial stability, ensuring ESC’s longevity as a consulting resource dedicated to nonprofits and the men, women, children, and families they serve. I encourage you to join the Legacy Corps as an enduring investment in these vital services.”
The ESC Legacy Corps consists of individuals and families whose planned/estate gift of $25,000 or more demonstrate their passion for charitable giving to a diversity of nonprofits and the vital services needed to support them. Their contributions ensure ongoing ESC services will meet the critical and emerging needs of Chicago metropolitan’s nonprofit sector for generations to come.
Please join me in thanking Mike & Donna for their exceptional generosity and welcome them to the ESC’s Legacy Corps!
To join ESC’s Legacy Corps:


  • Email of your commitment to leave a legacy to the Executive Service Corps. You can notify us by email or by mail at Executive Service Corps at 207 E. Ohio St, # 212, Chicago, IL 60611.

  • Add language specifying your legacy commitment to ESC to your bequest and/or will. 

    • Your gift can be a donation that is a percentage of your estate, a specific dollar donation, a specific asset such as a building, or if a percentage of a remainder left over after other gifts called a residue gift. You decide how you'd like to support ESC's important community building work.

    • An example of bequest language is, "I give, devise, and bequeath to the Executive Service Corps of Chicago (ESC), a not-for-profit corporation (Tax ID 36-2984270) located in Illinois, (e.g., dollar amount, percentage, specific asset, or residue)."

    • If you have an advisory alert them in writing to your wishes and provide them with ESC's contact information. We recommend alerting them by email and copying for ease and consistency in communication. ESC's contact information is: Executive Service Corps of Chicago (ESC) (Tax ID 36-2984270), 207 E. Ohio St, # 212, Chicago, IL 60611-3238

  • Decide if ESC can add your name to the illustrious list of Legacy Members we share with the public. Sharing your commitment inspires others to give. Generosity and kindness are contagious.

Thank you Michael and Donna Thompson!

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