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ESC Marketing and Communications Service

Executive Service Corps'

Communications, Outreach, & Marketing Services


The Executive Service Corps can help your nonprofit share its unique and compelling story to various audiences, including your community and the people you serve, your investors or supporters, volunteers, the media, and potential sponsors.


Outreach is necessary to shape the engagement of the community and to create positive change. Our marketing and communications consulting teams work with nonprofit clients to:

  1. Provide market research that informs the organization’s marketing plan and communications strategies.

  2. Assess current marketing efforts and results, with recommendations for future direction based on available resources.

  3. Create or strengthen brand identity and recognition.

  4. Assist in developing a marketing plan and implementing strategies toward the organization’s mission and goals.

  5. Evaluate the organization’s communications technology and needs to provide recommendations to enhance interaction with target audiences.

  6. Recommend opportunities for growth using social media, search engine optimization (SEO), and newsletter platforms.


Executive Service Corps outreach and marketing engagements help communities function better by connecting nonprofits with their stakeholders.

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