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ESC Legacy Corps Member Gordon Bieberle

Dear ESC Colleagues,

Please join me in remembrance of our friend and colleague Gordon Bieberle.

Gordon was a great Executive Service Corps (ESC) colleague. He generously gave of his time, talent, and wisdom to the ESC of Chicago.  Gordon served on ESC’s Outreach, Coaching, and Urgent Action Team Committees.
Throughout my tenure at ESC, Gordon Bieberle provided me with a kind ear and council. In addition to his professional advice, I am particularly grateful for a conversation we had over a Turkish dinner.  He and my late daughter Constance were taking the same antiseizure medication. He informed me of how he managed side effects of the medication. It was a revelation because I immediately understood how I could help my daughter manage the side effects.  That information enabled me to be better at my favorite job, being a mom.
In addition to the work Gordon did to strengthen ESC, he also worked on 35 ESC engagements. His projects included: American Professional Society on the Abuse of Children, Association of Educational Therapists (X3), Beacon Therapeutic and Diagnostic Treatment Center, Boys and Girls Club of Lake County, Breakthrough Urban Ministries, Cabrini Green Legal Aid Clinic, Center for Disability and Elder Law, Center for Independence through Conductive Education (X2), Center for Independence through Conductive Education, Centers for New Horizons, Chicago International Charter School, Chicago Public Schools, Chinese Mutual Aid Association, Cicero Catholic Schools, Connections for Abused Women and their Children (CAWC), Crusher's Club, El Hogar del Niño, El Hogar del Niño (X4), Forward Momentum, Gads Hill Center, Greater Northwest Chicago Development Corporation, Hamdard Center for Health and Human Services, Illinois Joining Forces, Junior Achievement of Chicago, Kehillah Jewish Education Fund, Kennedy Center Alliance for Arts Education Network, Little Brothers Friends of the Elderly, Office of the Illinois Attorney General, Pui Tak Center, and Westside Institute for Science and Education.
Gordon grew up on a farm in Kansas giving him that Midwestern work ethic and generosity that is so common among ESC colleagues. Gordon served as Director of Creative and Printing Services and Intranet Webmaster at Columbia College, Chicago. He was the publisher of National Safety Council publications and served as editor of “The Professional Photographer.”
Today we take a moment to honor another way our friend Gordon served our community. Gordon left ESC a significant gift in his estate plan, allowing us to continue our community building work. We are grateful to Gordon for his years of service to ESC and for helping us continue to fulfill our mission of making nonprofits successful.
With gratitude,
Rachelle Jervis, President & CEO, ESC

Thank you Gordon Bieberle!

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