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Offline Breaks when Telecommuting from H

Offline Breaks when Telecommuting from Home

Clean under your bed     |     Complete Your Census Form     |     Do yoga, calisthenics, weightlifting, or other exercise     |     Donate blood and/or plasma     |     Draw or do a craft     |     Fill your freezer with future meals and treats     |     Finally learn to meditate     |     Flip through a magazine, cookbook, or photo album     |     Floss     |     Give clothes and goods you don’t use to Goodwill or another charity thrift store     |     Give yourself a long hug     |     Give yourself a pedicure     |     If you have a yard, basement, storage unit, or attic, clean it up     |     If you're lucky enough to have parents and/or grandparents, call them and catch up     |     If you’re fortunate enough to have a partner and/or child, play a board or card game with them     |     Learn to love your face without Photoshop, filters, or makeup     |     Learn to make your favorite dining out foods     |     Make a collage or vision board     |     Make and dance to a playlist     |     Play solitaire with playing cards     |     Practice putting     |     Print, frame, and hang a photo of a happy memory.     |     Read a book     |     Remember a happy memory     |     Reread your organization’s most recent strategic plan and then sleep on it     |     Revisit those old New Year’s resolutions of yours     |     Send a handwritten thank you note     |     Sew on buttons, stitch up fallen hems, or patch holes     |     Stretch     |     Sweep and dust     |     Take a long bath     |     Take a new portrait for your social media profile pictures     |     Tell a joke or laugh at one     |     Tell yourself one thing you like about you     |     Think of everything you have to be grateful for     |     Volunteer

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