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Skills that Make You a Better, Happier Person & Employee

Learn Anywhere for Free


Learn Active Listening

Active listening improves productivity, removes miscommunications, and builds trust in collaborations and relationships. Active listening is a skill. It requires attention and focus. Click here to learn how to do it.


Learn CPR and First Aid

There are free CPR and First Aid training courses available online. Learn rescue breathing, choke rescues, and other life savings techniques. We recommend CPR Headquarters and Learn Free CPR Online. You can also request a webinar training from Disque Foundation for your organization or company.


Learn Meditation

Meditation reduces stress and anxiety, promotes health, increases your attention span, spawns creativity and tolerance, and some research shows it can even fight age-related memory loss. We recommend the New York Times Medication Guide. You can find many free guided medications online as well.


Learn Defensive Driving Course

Many insurance companies offer discounts to individuals who complete defensive driving courses, a benefit in addition to learning techniques for safely navigating our roadways. These discounts can offset the minimum cost of most online courses. Alternatively, some associations provide members access to free and discounted online defensive driving courses.


Learn Empathy

Empathy is core to successful mission work. It boosts cultural competence, productivity, collaboration, client satisfaction, overcomes bias, and is a competitive advantage. Empathy can be learned. Research on bias and how people tackle it is available at Perception.

To increase your and your organization’s empathy we recommend the Center for Creative Leaderships Empathy in the Workplace Tools and White Paper and for individuals the "How to Be More Empathetic Guide" by the New York Times.


Learn Emergency Medicine

Learning basic emergency medicine techniques can help in an emergency where a medical professional is not immediately available. Three sources for free emergency medical training are EM Basic Podcast

Street Medic Guide, and First Aid for Soldiers Military Manual.


Learn to Sew on a Button

Basic clothes maintenance can be a calming way to keep your beloved items for a little longer. A needle and thread are available at any drug store, hotel front desk, or Target. Video tutorials are plentiful. We recommend the Treasurie video for beginners.

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