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Nonprofit Mergers

Please note it is not ESC's position that there are "too many" nonprofits or that a merger is a good solution in times of financial distress. Mergers can amplify missions while reducing overhead but many factors have to be aligned for them to work out. These nonprofit resources should help. 

ESC's 7 Keys to a Successful Nonprofit Merger

All seven of ESC's Key to Merger Success must be in place for ESC to recommend a merger.

  1. Put the mission first.

  2. Know your and the other organization, especially the culture.

  3. Mutual trust is a must.

  4. CEOs & Board Chairpersons of both organizations must actively support merger.

  5. Clear goals lead to better outcomes.

  6. Mergers require outside experts including consultants, attorneys, and accountants/auditors.

  7. Post merger success requires positive staff involvement.

Additional Free Training and Resources:

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