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Getting Your Second Wind: Even when Working from Home


Take a break at least once a day. During the break leave your work space. Sing to music, stretch, exercise, meditate or do another activity that is different in mood, focus, and physical position than your work. 



Send a thank you note and/or re-read one you’ve received. 



Revisit your and/or your organization’s goals. Both annual and strategic plan goals are a good barometer. As you reread them, measure your and/or your organization’s progress. Spend time silently reflecting on them while savoring your favorite beverage and considering your tactics. 



Tell someone they did a good job. Be specific in your praise. 


Treat Yourself

Enjoy a meal or dessert you prefer. Treat yourself to something tasty. Stop doing everything and focus on savoring each bite. 



Have a set sleep and wake up time. This will allow your body to achieve ideal REMsleep and therefore maximize work day focus.  


Get Comfortable 

Ensure that your physical work space is comfortable. When your body is relaxed and at ease your mind will maximize its productivity. Read ESC’s guide to an ergonomic home office for tips. add a link here



When your inner monologue goes negative, counter it with honest and positive affirmations. 



While it is important for everyone to be informed of current events, we should all also strive for balance in our input. In addition to news, make sure to take in entertainment, humor, and industry periodicals. Then when your mind wanders during your work day, it will have positive places to go to. 


Front Load

Do the things you like the least and your biggest challenges in the morning. If you can, schedule your time so that afternoons are free of meetings and particularly complex and mission critical tasks. By saving the stuff you enjoy more or find to be easier tasks until the afternoon, you allow yourself space to be successful even with less energy and stamina. 


Brain Gears

If you’ve been working on analytic activities, switch to creative activities or vice versa. If you were doing qualitative work, try to now focus on quantitative tasks. 



Keeping hydrated and fed allows you to maximize focus throughout the day, especially during the afternoon slump. 



When you find yourself in your flow, note the environmental factors so you can recreate it in the future. Do you do your best work while listening to podcasts, white noise, or your hustle playlist? Whatever works for you can be something you make work again and again. 



When you finish a large or daunting task, give time and resources for a reward. Make sure to put a line through the item on your task list when finished, even if it means you have to write it down to do so. Rewards can be something simple like taking 10 minutes to call a loved one or stretching while smiling at yourself. The key thing is to take a mini-break to silently acknowledge the completion of the task. 

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