Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) Training and Tools

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FREE ESC Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) Training, Resources, & Tools:
  1. Nonprofit Stakeholders + the Coronavirus (COVID-19) (Published Mar 2020)
  2. ESC's Video Conference Best Practices (Published Mar 2020)
  3. How to Successfully Telecommute when Working from Home (Published Mar 2020)
  4. Tips for Nonprofits Providing Remote Services (Published Mar 2020)
  5. Be an ER + ICU Patient: My Experience + Tips to Prepare | Source:, Day 738 (Published Mar 2020)
  6. 7 Steps to Conducting Virtual Office Hours (Published Mar 2020)
  7. Nonprofit Mergers: Tips, Presentation, + Tools (Published Mar 2020)
  8. Offline Breaks when Telecommuting from Home (Published Mar 2020)
  9. How to work at Home with Kids at Home (Published Mar 2020)
  10. ESC's Guide to Listening (Published Mar 2020)
  11. Skills to that Make You a Better, Happier Person & Employee: Learn Anywhere for Free (Published Mar 2020)
  12. Book Recommendations for Work Breaks (Published Mar 2020)
  13. Sound for Working at Home: Podcasts (Published Mar 2020)
  14. ESC's Virtual Celebration of Volunteer Service (Published Mar 2020)
  15. ESCs Nonprofit Stakeholder Newsletter (Published Mar 2020)
  • More coming soon

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