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Sound for Working at Home: Podcasts


One of the benefits of working from home is that your background noise doesn’t have to be elevator music or the mind bubbling chatter of your most talkative colleague. When you’d like something to play in the background podcasts are a great option. You can access them via feeds online or podcasts apps. Having tried many, ESC currently recommends the free app Pocket Cast for your smart phone or tablet device. Here are some free podcasts for you to enjoy while you work from home. Like samples at CostCo, you’re welcome to try a little without committing. You can also find something you enjoy and then search for similar things.

Popular     |    Bullseye     |    Catch and Kill     |    Code Switch     |    Radio Lab     |    S Town     |    Serial     |    The Axe Files     |    This American Life     |    Throwing Shade     |    Unladylike


News     |    Fresh Air (National)     |    Reveal (National)     |    The Daily by the New York Times (National)     |    Up First by NPR (National)  

Business & the Economy     |    Clark Howard (Personal Finance)     |    Crain’s Daily Gist     |    Editor’s Picks or The Intelligence from the Economist (International)     |    HBR Idea Cast     |    Planet Money     |    The Dream (Direct Sales, Pyramid Schemes, Wellness, etc.)

Drama     |    It Could Happen Here     |    Should this Exist     |    The City     |    The Pit     |    Up and Vanished

True Crime & Nonfiction Stories      |    Cold     |    Dirty John     |    Heaven’s Gate     |    Hit Man     |    Hunting Warhead     |    Motive     |    Over My Dead Body     |    Someone Knows Something     |    Verified     |    Who the Hell is Hamish?

Humor     |    Bob & Sheri Show     |    Friendshipping     |    Getting’ Better     |    Hound Tall Discussion Series     |    Improve Nerd     |    My Brother My Brother and Me     |    Put Your Hands Together     |    Sound Opinions (Music)     |    The Complete Guide to Everything     |    The Dana Gould Hour     |    The Smartest Man in the World     |    View from the Cheap Seats (Sports)     |    Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me

Misc.     |    60 Second Civics     |    99% Invisible (Design)     |    EM Basic     |    Knowledge Fight     |    Mental Illness Happy Hour     |    More Than Perfect     |    Nerdette     |    Radio Lab     |    Science of Happiness      |    Small Doses     |    Strangers     |    Story Corps    |   Third Coast

Chicagoland     |    16 Shots     |    670 Score (Chicago Sports)     |    Axe Files      |     Bear Download (Chicago Bears)     |    Chewing     |    Chicago Tonight (News)     |    Film Spotting     |    First Friday Club (Primarily Chicagoland’s Catholic Leaders)     |    Friends Like Us     |    Friendshipping     |    Hello from Magic Tavern     |    How to Do Everything     |    Improve Nerd     |    Knowledge Fight     |    Live with Erik     |    Making Beyoncé     |    Making Obama     |    Motive     |    Nerdette     |    Podtastic (WGN Radio)     |    Public Official A     |    Re:Sound     |    Reset     |    S Town     |    South Side Stories     |    Strange Brews     |    Tech in Chicago     |    The Archives     |    The Axe Files     |    The Pit     |    The Trouble     |    Third Coast     |    This American Life     |    Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me     |    WBEZ News and Morning Show     |    WBEZ Presents     |    Written Inside


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