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Get the Executive Service Corps'

Nonprofit Stakeholder Training "Increase Inclusion by Ending Micro-aggressions"

Presented by Alexandria Simms, MS, ESC Engagement Manager and Executive Coach

Publicly announced 18 May 2020 | Filmed 30 September 2020

Free thanks to donors like you!


Micro-aggressions are subtle verbal or nonverbal insults or denigrating messages communicated toward a marginalized person. These messages can be perceived as hostile, derogatory, or racist. Micro-aggressions are often perpetrated by someone who may be well intentioned but unaware of the devastating impact to the person experiencing them.

This session will be used to educate our professionals on types of micro-aggressions and their impact. We will also provide recommendations on ways to approach, address, and intervene when they occur.

This training will be facilitated by ESC Engagement Manager Alexandria Simms. This training is free thanks to the generosity of ESC donors like you.

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