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Ways Nonprofits can Celebrate Chinese New Year

by the Executive Service Corps


Flexible Holidays

By allowing staff members to have flexible holidays, they can choose to celebrate days that are special to them such as Chinese New Year, or any day they have.


Hang Decorations

Put up celebratory Chinese New Year decorations such as red banners or allow team members celebrating the holiday to do so. 


Watch Traditional Celebrations

Share traditional dance, music, or fireworks shows honoring the Chinese New Years' holiday.  


Clear out the Clutter

Remove the clutter, remove out of date items, and use the new year as an opportunity to clean up and clear out. 


Enjoy the Flavors

Like many holidays, Chinese New Year has a tradition of tasty treats. You can celebrate the Chinese New Year by eating and sharing foods like Jiaozi (dumplings), lion’s head meatballs, and many more savory and sweet options for any New Years resolution diet. 

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