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You can Support Inclusion with Your Dollars and Deeds

By Rachelle Jervis, President & CEO | Updated Aug 2022, Published Feb 2019

As you move up the ladder it's your job to turn around, extend your hand, and help someone along. Those with power must use that power to ensure that those who are marginalized have their equal share. Here are some ways that everyone can use their power (from their position or personhood) to help others who might be less empowered in our society. I highly recommend that you think first about nonprofit vendors that support individuals with developmental or physical differences and then for-profit companies that are owned and operated by members of minority communities. 

Support inclusivity with your dollars:

  • Choose inclusive employees, employers, vendors, and restaurants o NPOs supporting individuals with developmental or physical differences:

    • Aspiritech - IT, Testing, & Quality Assurance Services

    • Aspire CoffeeWorks - Coffee & Mugs

    • GoodWill Laundry & Linen

    • Greenhouse Inn Restaurant (Misericordia)

    • Harry’s Buttons (Easter Seals)

    • Hearts & Flour Bakery (Misericordia)

    • Lambs Farm - Cafe, Pet Store, Event Site, Petting Zoo, Deserts, Gift Store, etc.

    • I Love Sweets: Sugar & Spice (Have Dreams)

    • Talent Bridge Recruiting, Staffing, & Placement Services

    • JJ’s List - Directory of Inclusive and Accessible Businesses •

  • Choose companies with diverse employee representation

    • The Best Employers for Diversity (Forbes)

  • Recommend people of diverse backgrounds and abilities for jobs and boards

  • Support inclusivity with your deeds

    • Say “no” to slurs

    • If you see something, say something

    • Develop self-awareness

      • The Implicit Association Test (Harvard)

    • Use inclusive language

      • Inclusive Language in 4-Easy Steps (Harvard)

    • Welcome everyone new to your neighborhood with open arms and


  • Look for and make an effort to fix imbalances in your sources of


  • Amplify diverse voices

    • Social media is critical

    • Make friends with people who are different from you

  • Choose inclusive neighbors, places of worship, and social activities

    • Best Buddies Best Buddies International

    • Illinois Coalition for Immigrant and Refugee Rights

    • Refugee One

    • World Relief Chicago

    • Religious groups with refugee programs in Chicago:

      • American Friends Service Committee,

      • Catholic Charities,

      • Lutheran Child and Family Services,

      • JCFS

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