Hanover Township

Organizational Assessment & Strategic Plan Client


The Nonprofit: The Hanover Township of Cook County was organized in 1850 with a population of 672 residents and, at present, is home to over 100,000 residents. Hanover Township serves as a governing body and resource for individuals, families, businesses and various organizations within the community. 

The Need: Hanover Township wanted to develop a revised Strategic Plan for the organization with critical contributions from the Board of Trustees, Senior Township Staff, and key Stakeholders. 

ESC Solution: The ESC Consulting Team assisted in designing a Strategic Plan that addressed several concerns in addition to helping the organization set a thoughtful Trustee supported course for future growth:

1. Actively engage Hanover Township Trustees in the process of envisioning/shaping a successful future and also establishing their critical role in achieving success.

2. Increase communication between the Trustees, Senior Staff and key Stakeholders.

3. Leverage one-on-one Board discussions and interviews as a method of fostering agreement on Hanover Township present and future challenges and, importantly, the process of addressing them as a Unified Board.

4. Use Key Stakeholder interviews to gain insight into community perceptions of Hanover Township's successes, challenges and threats, and to validate Strategic Plan initiatives where appropriate. 

Immediate tangible benefit: In March, the Township Board formally adopted the Strategic Action Plan to coincide with the start of the new fiscal year on April 1st. Since then, the four working groups have begun meeting and assigning tasks for the next few months. They are off to a good start and will be coordinating over the summer to ensure timely progress.

"ESC did a very good job of making our Board members a vital part of the strategic planning process. A strong strategic plan should provide valuable guidance for our organization for years to come."

-James Barr, Township Administrator