ESC Creates Value for Local Think Tank

"The Center for Tax and Budget Accountability (CTBA), a small Chicago think tank, needed a plan to improve its communications. Though unfamiliar with Executive Service Corps, initial meetings showed that they could tackle the assignment at nominal cost. ESC assigned an energetic top-drawer team that painstakingly worked with us to analyze our reputation and brand, evaluate our current communication efforts, and craft alternative positioning statements. The process was robust and the final product valuable." - Dave May, Board Chairperson


The recent ESC Engagement for CTBA represents an excellent example of how ESC successfully helped a nonpartisan Illinois-based think tank develop a much more focused value proposition through a thorough assessment process, by utilizing ESC team members with relevant skill sets, and by creating an aggressive yet realistic work plan that resulted in the achievement of the engagement's deliverables.


  1- Assessment: ESC held several meetings with CTBA to determine exactly what it wanted to accomplish. CTBA initially was not clear what it wanted from a consulting organization.


  2- ESC Team Recruitment: The four ESC team members brought very relevant and diverse skill sets to this engagement. Two members (Geoff McClelland and Chris Hogan) had strong advertising/marketing communications backgrounds. Another (Don Adler) was a corporate tax specialist who was also an Oak Brook Village Trustee. The last member (Mark Michaels) served as an Illinois teachers' union executive in Springfield.


  3- CTBA Work Plan: The engagement had two important and demanding components that were completed in a timely manner: 

       a) Conducting communications research about the perceptions that outside stakeholders had about CTBA as well as their perspectives on how CTBA should develop its value proposition.

       b) Using the input from the research to craft a very disciplined value proposition that was enthusiastically agreed to by the CTBA client.


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