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10 Things to Do in Chicago Now by ESC -

10 Ways to Enjoy Chicago Now

By the Executive Service Corps (ESC) | Published September 2020


The Architecture

Don't just brag about how Chicago invented skyscrapers, go out and see them. You can enjoy the beautiful works of groundbreaking architecture legends via walking tours, virtual tours, self-guided tours.

ESC recommends you start with our client, the Chicago Architecture Center (

The Theatre

Chicago’s theatre scene features diverse voices with powerful and playful stories. Enjoy Chicago’s theatre scene now via drive-in, streaming live, and on-demand. 

ESC recommends you start with our client, the South Chicago Dance Theatre (


The Shops

Shopping your favorite local business now may help it stay open to be there in the future. Think local first. 

ESC recommends you start with our client, the North Shore Exchange for a nonprofit business (, and the Illinois Hispanic Chamber of Commerce to find for-profit businesses (

The Greenery

There are innumerable outdoor and indoor spaces across Chicagoland that make for great strolling. 

ESC recommends you start with our client, the Garfield Park Conservatory (


The Museums

Museums across the city are offering limited, social distance access, and free online tours of exhibits new and old. 

ESC recommends you start with our client, the Geneva History Museum (, and the National Museum of Mexican Art ( 

The Food

Chicago’s restaurants are the pride of the city. Delicious and affordable options are available in every neighborhood. Culinary specialties from the Michelin star famous to your neighborhood hole in the wall, they are offering carry out to enjoy at home in the comfort of your pandemic pajamas. 

The Comedy

Our comedy stages amplified the laughs by comedian icons for decades. Giggle to the next Amy Poehler, Tim Meadows, or Eugene Levy in shows now at any of numerous comedy theaters on demand. 

The Sports

Chicago sports fans have long memories. We remember the goat, the glory, and every hundred years in between. With sports back in action, it’s a great time to tune in with a bowl of Chicago-style popcorn and enjoy the game. 


The Music

So you are not going to a big outdoor festival, you have more options than just singing in the shower to the chagrin of your roommates. You can create your own show by streaming your favorite concerts or using video conference software to make your performance with or without a long-distance choir of bandmates. 

ESC recommends you start with our client, the Bandwith Chicago (

The Community

Chicago is just a midwestern town with kind and generous people who donate their time and treasure to their neighborhood nonprofit organizations. Without the strong philanthropy support of community members, critical safety-net services, and cultural icons will no longer exist. 

Supporting the Executive Service Corps (ESC) allows us to provide capacity building support to over 150 local organizations helping over 1.2 million people each year.

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