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Biography of Dr. Edward Solan, Ph.D., MBA

Prior to joining the Executive Service Corps, Dr. Edward Solan, Ph.D., MBA was a senior executive in the field of affordable housing finance. Most recently he served as CEO of the Oak Park Residence Corporation, a nonprofit housing development corporation, where he was responsible for all aspects of operations. Previously he was Chief Operating Officer of the Illinois Housing Development Authority where he directed the day-to-day operations for $2 billion in real estate programs and a staff of 170. He also served as the Executive Vice President of the New York City Housing Development Corporation.


Ed has significant experience as a board member and chairman of local civic organizations. His previous experience includes serving as a board member and President of the United Way of Oak Park, River Forest & Forest Park; Chairman of the Oak Park Housing Authority; and President of the Pleasant Home Foundation, a historic house museum.  He currently serves on the Board of ESC and the Advocacy Committee of Arbor West Neighbors, a grassroots, inter-generational organization of neighbors formed to empower aging adults in the near western suburbs.  Ed is also a licensed real estate Managing Broker and Condominium Manager and serves as the Board President of his condominium association.


Ed earned a BA from Fordham University, an MBA from the University of Chicago, and a Ph.D. from Indiana University. During his time with the Executive Service Corps Ed has served as an Engagement Manager, Consultant, Executive Coach, and Board Member. He has a strong background in finance and management. 

A recent Executive Service Corps client commented in their anonymous client feedback survey that, "Ed is fantastic. A very good fit for our organization. He really is the best consultant."

Ed is on LinkedIn at

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