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Executive Service Corps (ESC) Donor Survey

Annual Fundraiser Survey Questions and Strategic Planning Donor Survey Questions

Section 1: Help ESC Plan our Annual Fundraising Event

Please help us determine the type of fundraiser to have next year. ESC will honor our annual honoree with videos no matter the format of our fundraiser. Please mark all of the fundraising events you would attend.
If ESC provided two different events to attend would you come to both?
Would you be interested in participating in a monthly giving (fidelity) program?

Section 2: Your History as an ESC Donor

Are you a member of ESC's Legacy Corps? (
How did you first become aware of the Executive Service Corps (ESC) and its work:
How many years have you been a contributor to the Executive Service Corps (ESC)?
Last year my total annual contribution to ESC was about:

Section 3: ESC Donor Communications

How would like you to hear from the Executive Service Corps (ESC) about fundraising activities? (Please select all that apply.)

Section 4: ESC Donation Process

Section 5: ESC's General Operations

Section 6: ESC Donor Demographics

Your Age Range:
How do you identify? Please mark all that apply.

Optional Section 7: ESC Donor Contact Information

If you would like a response to your form, please submit your contact information below.

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