Executive Director (full time, paid)

Candidates should submit send your resume to Kelly@DreamBigEducation.org.

Dream Big Education Executive Director Job Opportunity




Dream Big Education is a newly formed non-profit, yet it’s been in operation for 13 years and serves more than 1000 students per week during the school year through enrichment programs and residencies with a robust summer camp and annual professional summer production.


Major Function

To provide leadership for an organization that provides educational theater arts programming for children through out of school time enrichment programming, curricular-based in-school residencies, summer camps and

productions throughout the Chicagoland area. Responsible for over-all administration, revenue generation, fiscal management, and program operations.




  • Works with the Board of Directors in settingpolicies

and overseeing programs consistent with the mission of the organization.

  • Sets the tone for organizational leadership within the company in order to administer the organization’s services from a mission-basedperspective.

  • Oversees preparation of the annual organization budget. Provides information and justifications for Board of Directors in its budgetaryreview and approval process. Ensures proper fiscal accounting and controls in accordance with the guidelines of funding sources and with sound accounting practices. Maintains fiscal solvency of theorganization.

  • Actively seeks new revenue sources, government and private, to meet all program goals. Monitors all grants, contracts, and sub-contracts, assuring that all service agreements are properly fulfilled and reportdeadlines

met. Advises Board on achievements and problem areas.

  • Nurtures and expands organization donor base. Oversees development and implementation of organization's annual marketing and fund raising plan.

  • Provides for quality assurance monitoring of all organizationprograms, acknowledging well-rated services and assuring correction of any deficiencies in serviceprovision.

  • Ascertains that the personnel policies of the Organization are adhered to in all hiring and employment practices. Proposes changes in policiesto


the Board of Directors. Provides for staff development activities that upgrade employee skills and motivate performance.

  • Promotes the organization with visibility and growth by developing and implementing marketingstrategies.

  • Other duties asassigned.




  • Familiarity with and passion for the value of performing arts ineducation.

  • Three-years non-profit administrative experiencerequired.

  • Demonstrated knowledge of accepted financial practices including accounting, budgeting, insurance and other sound businesspractices.

  • Demonstrated success in acquiring organization support via grant applications and general fundraising.

  • Supervisory experience and knowledge of basic personnel legalissues.

  • Outstanding interpersonal and communication skills, characterized by the ability to listen, speak and writewell.

  • Strong organizational skills and keen attention to detail andaccuracy.

  • Self-motivated and able to prioritize, delegate and multi-taskefficiently

  • Fluency in Microsoft Office, Google and various officesystems.


Accountable to:


  • Board ofDirectors




  • Director, WesternSuburbs


Exempt, Full-Time Position Salary Competitive

Flexible policy on work from home


Qualified candidates should submit a cover email, resume and salary requirement to Kelly@DreamBigEducation.org . Please see DreamBigPerformingArts.org, for more information.