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2019 ESC Annual Appeal

Dear Friend,

The mission of the Executive Service Corps of Chicago (ESC) is to make nonprofits successful.

To achieve our mission, we provide consulting, coaching and professional services to other nonprofit organizations.

Each year, we maximize over 100 philanthropic institutions’ ability to attain their organizations’ visions and goals.

As a result, ESC’s work with nonprofits enriches the lives of 1.2 million residents in the local Chicago area.

Please help ESC continue its 41-year history of community building by giving generously to our annual appeal.

Your support makes the difference. Thank you.


Board of Directors and Life Directors,

Executive Service Corps of Chicago (ESC)

ESC's Board Members: Mary Jo Bollero, Corey Correnti, Rachelle Jervis, President & CEO, Wendy Kritt, Chairperson, Thomas Lamb, Vanessa Martin Hunte, Jeanne Mayes, James E. Norman, Joan Parrott-Sheffer, Joan Walsh, Daniel E. Weil, Terra Winston

ESC's Life Directors: Arnold M. Berlin, James A. Brandt, Nelson L. Carter, Mark Crane, Jacqueline Gilbert, Robert Greenebaum, Jr., William P. Hall, Lucile Ish, John Kroening, Muriel N. Lederer, Geoffrey McClelland, Howard C. Morgan, Ellard L. Pfaelzer, Jr., John H. Rosenheim, Joe Ross, Sam H. Saran, Toni Smith, Phyllis Tabachnick, Ron Tevonian, Jack D. Tovin, Kristina Van Liew, Robert E. Vanden Bosch, Barbara Weller, Berthold L. Weller, William E. Whitney, Jill Wine-Banks, R. James Young, Jr., Dennis A. Zavac

ESC's Board In Memoriam: Joseph Abel, Reed M. Badgley, Alvin Borenstine, James J. Brice, Burton D. Cohen, Charles A. Davis, Robert M. Drevs, E. Stanley Enlund, J. Ross Eustis, William Frost, Donald M. Goff, M. Herbert Gordon, Robert J. Greenebaum, William E. Hay, Richard S. Homer, William Ingram, Jr., Morris A. Kaplan, Lawrence E. Klinger, Char W. Kreuz, Lewis B. Landreth, Morris A. Lauwereins, Marcia Lipetz, Robert J. Lipsig, William L. Loving, Jessalyn M. Nicklas, O. Robert Nottelmann, Joann S. Rasmussen, Betty C. Reneker, Norman Ross, Gordon G. Rothrock, Martin H. Snitzer, Carl S. Stanley, Alan Stone

5 Ways to Give

1. Online

ESC welcomes online donations at


2. Check

Please mail donations via check to the ESC at 207 E. Ohio St, # 212, Chicago, IL 60611.


3. Stock Transfer

Making a gift of stock to ESC, such as a mandatory minimum withdrawal, is easy.

Contact Rachelle Jervis at (312) 402-2489, for transfer instructions.

For mailing physical certificates, send your certificate and stock power separately (for security purposes) to ESC at 207 E. Ohio St, # 212, Chicago, IL 60611.

Click here to learn more about the tax benefits of direct stock donations.

Click here to learn how to make an IRA charitable rollover benefiting ESC.

4. Investments

Gifts can be made to ESC’s investment accounts.

ESC’s investment manager is Steve Billimack, (312) 962-3826,


5. Legacy

You can leave a lasting gift to ESC in your legacy plans.

The language in your will or bequest could be, "I give, devise, and bequeath to the Executive Service Corps of Chicago (ESC), a not-for-profit corporation (Tax ID 36-2984270) located in Illinois, (e.g., dollar amount, percentage, specific asset, or residue)." Gifts of $25,000 or more are acknowledged by the donor’s inclusion in ESC’s Legacy Corps.


Please direct questions about your charitable giving to ESC’s info@, (312) 880-7734,


Thank you for your generous support of the Executive Service Corps of Chicago (ESC).

ESC would not exist without our donors.

Thank you!

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