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FREE ESC Accounting and Finance Training & Tools:
  1. Free Ways Nonprofit Stakeholders can Protect their Privacy (September 2020)

  2. Nonprofit Board Members' Role in Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (Publicly announced 18 May 2020 | Filmed 23 June 2020)

    • Presented by Terra Winston, MBA, ESC Executive Coach and Board Member​

  3. How to Maximize Office Space: Even in a Home Office (Published May 2020)

  4. How to Teach Children about Charity: Philanthropic begins at Birth (Published May 2020)

  5. How to Make Your Video Conference Calls More Secure: 15 Fast + Free Ways (Published Apr 2020)

  6. Nonprofit Mergers: Tips, Presentation, + Tools (Published Apr 2020)

  7. 10 Free Video Conferencing Solutions (Published Apr 2020)

  8. ESC Time Study Template - Includes data sheets and calculator (Published 2020)
  9. ESC's Guide to Listening (Published Mar 2020)

  10. Auditors Specializing in Nonprofit Organization (Published 2020)
  11. Back Office Nonprofit Accounting, Bookkeeping, and Finance Providers (Published 2020)
  12. Top 10 Nonprofit Board Oversight Issues for Organizations of All Sizes (Published 2020)
  13. Functional Expense Schedule Best Practices for Nonprofits (Published 2020)
  14. Demystifying the New Nonprofit Liquidity Disclosures (Published 2020)
  15. Nonprofit IRS Annual Filing and Forms (Published 2020)
  16. Tell Your Nonprofit's Story with Form 990 (Published 2020)
  17. Restricted Cash and Cash Equivalents in Nonprofit Statements of Cash Flows (Published 2020)
  18. Nonprofit Audit and Accounting FAQs (Published 2020)
  19. 10 Steps to a Successful Nonprofit Audit (Published 2020)
  20. Skills that Make You a Better, Happier Person & Employee: Learn Anywhere for Free (Published Mar 2020)

  21. More coming soon...


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