A New Direction

Organizational Assessment & Strategic Plan Client


The Nonprofit: A New Direction (AND) was founded in 2010 to provide counseling, education, support, and advocacy for individuals and families affected by domestic violence principally in the Beverly/Morgan Park area. Since its inception, AND has grown into an organization with significant beneficial impact on the Beverly/Morgan Park community. The first four years, the start-up phase of AND, have been supported by dedication and passion for services by the Board, Staff, community, and a number of major donors and organizations. 

The Need: AND needed to move into the next phase, the sustainability phase, during which AND was required to become a stable, viable, and well-functioning organization implementing and enhancing its stated mission, and attaining its desired vision to serve the community of Beverly/Morgan Park. 

ESC Solution: ESC was retained by AND to assist in the preparation of their strategic plan. Consulting services included an organization-wide assessment followed by a retreat and strategic plan.

Immediate tangible benefit: As a result, the ESC/AND team prepared a strategic plan, which included assistance in fund development, board development, and internal governance.

"Our board chose ESC because of the testimonials from the Beverly Arts Center and our advocate had worked with ESC at a former agency and sang it's praises. We did not look at other agencies because of ESC's stellar reputation for assisting non-profits in helping to fulfill their missions.


Amazing, amazing team! They care so much about us and our organization and went above and beyond!" The retreat was critical. Having an ESC Member at every board meeting for a year was beyond helpful.


Growth, increase in funding, board development...The outcomes will literally save lives! The more funds we raise, the more women and children we save!"


- Jessica McCarihan, Board President,

    A New Direction